3PL Partnership


PLG logistics & warehousing operates within 30 000 m2 warehouse, available for packed consumer goods storage and warehousing. Building construction allows for temperature control with slight variations within temperature.

Frequent single corporate, private person individual orders and highly valuable shipments are stored in basements, which are ideally suited for exclusive (collection) wines and other highly valuable goods storage.

Accoring to PLG logistics priorities - excise goods (alcoholic beverages & tobacco) - restrictions, all authorizations/licences are available:

  • Bonded (Customs) - N status (non EC) goods, goods in transit
  • Authorized (Excise) - alcoholic beverages and tobacco

Added value warehousing is created through:

  • Order sorting & picking (different shipments, suppliers)
  • Weight measurement & control
  • Label and/or annotation (goods description translation) and excise stamp management
  • Quality control (goods and packaging)
  • Packaging and re-packaging
  • POS and/or representation packaging



Of the 25 m units served approximately 86% are delivered to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine other CIS. This makes PLG logistics one of leading Latvian exporters*

*PLG logistics is one of TOP 5 Largest Exporters in Latvia in Logistics & Warehousing industry.



With 19% of 30 000 m2 dedicated for local - Latvian market deliveries, PLG logistics is the leading independent distribution warehousing providers*

*PLG logistics is one of TOP 3 Largest Independent Excise Warehouse Keepers - Excise tax payers in Latvia