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Excise TAX in Europe

PLG always tries to provide our potential Customers with detailed and precise calculations of expected logistics costs with corresponding taxes and duties. But the accuracy of such information is greatly related to the information the Customer can provide PLG. If You are interested in quotation, please CONTACT US

If You are only in the planning stage of excise goods delivery, alcohol beverage distribution and sales, You might be interested in the EXCISE DUTIES in EU memberstates, as the duties frequently are the main contributor to the sales price.

As oppose to import duties, which are constant throughout EU, EXCISE DUTY is set by each EC memberstate. Each EU country sets its exise tax calculation method and payment terms & conditions. This is the reason why tariffs between countries differ with such diversity. (EC sets the excise duty minimum per category.) Most discussed being wine, with no excise tax minimum.

All EC memberstate duties are available in EC EXCISE DUTIES

Up to date excise duties in Latvia are available in SRS EXCISE DUTIES