3PL Partnership


With full service contract logistics, PLG logistics & warehousing ensures goods transportation solutions. Multimodal transportation is provided from Producer/Supplier to Client or identified address.

The company is asset free and not limited to own transportation park/fleet. This provides greater efficiency and more objective selections towards long-term solutions. Transportation department oversees cooperation contrcts with reliable, stable and trustworthy companies who provides a proven record in their industry.

Through these, PLG logistics serves:

  1. Limitless transportation and freedom of choice (any cargo, any time)
  2. Evened long-term delivery terms & conditions Izlīdzināto piegādes cenu


Mainly serving transit deliveries with consolidation warehousing, PLG logistics have managed to deliver more than 20 shipments/week, where 90% served Europe suppliers from:

  • GERMANY (32%)
  • FRANCE (15%)
  • ITALY (11%)

and delivering to:

  • UKRAINE (75%)



As the chosen 3PL partner of sustainable consumer products importers & distributors in Latvia, PLG logistics serves up to 2000 delivery points in Latvia, from major Retail chain Distribution Centres (DC) to HORECA and regional stores. This accumulates up to 120 domestic deliveries per day with 24h - 48h order fullfilling.

PLG logistics & warehousing is proud to serve with 99.98% accuracy.


Request a quote directly Transport Manager: aija.djukareva@plg.lv