Beverage Logistics


PLG is one of the TOP THREE independent 3PL service providers, not involved in direct sale. One of the first ones to receive authorization to work with excise goods - alcoholic beverages and tobacco. This day the Company serves the leading, most influential alcoholic beverage importers and wholesalers, as well as smaller, exclusive wine and spirits distributors.

We have seen our Customers grow from several LTL deliveries per year to the LEADING distributor position within Latvia. PLG believes that experience is created from doing, therefore we trust in restaurants, retail stores that choose to deliver small volume, exclusive shipments to highlight the individuality and gain competitive advantage.

Our experts have helped to start Retail Chain private deliveries from the well-known wholesalers in Europe, to gain greater cost-effectiveness and sortiment variaty.


PLG has created centralized BALTIC DELIVERY system for alcoholic beverage wholesalers to build greater market through BALTIC CENTRAL WAREHOUSE. Riga is an ideal location for such a warehouse, wich ability to serve the neighboring countries - LITHUANIA and ESTONIA.

Due to the alcoholic beverage movement restrictions, deliveries to Estonia and Lithuania are managed through EXCISE WAREHOUSE keepers.


In Latvia PLG manages up to 120 deliveries per day, serving from CENTRAL RETAIL CHAINS to smaller stores and HORECA in Riga and regions - Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale.

Orders are fullfilled within 24 Hr (Riga) to 48 Hr time with direct delivery to the location necessary together with returns (specifics in Latvia allows for goods returns from retailers, which they are accustumed to).