Beverage Logistics

Deliveries to CIS

Since the establishment of PLG logistics, transit deliveries to Ukraine, Georgia, lately also Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, have been the major business. Due to the great transit location, employee experience and expertise with CIS markets, as well as the ability to communicate, has led us to be the part of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT to these countries.

We mainly serve constant alcoholic beverage transit flow from USA, Chile, Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Scotland) to RU exporting countries - Ukraine and Asia region countries.

The Customers choose PLG for its location - being a part of EU, but within 48hr distance to Moscow. This is why we manage CONSOLIDATION WAREHOUSE services, providing effectiveness through knowleadge and cost-effectiveness. If You are interested in consolidation warehousing, please read WAREHOUSING

Besides, location, Latvia has become even more attractive for transit deliveries through FISCAL REPRESENTATION, which allows for greater cost-control within sales transactions, export-import procedure management.